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Belle, 2016-07-27 00:20
"Ah, so anthropogenic climate change violates the law of inertia, Coulomb's law and the speed of light among other thusng&qiot;...No, of course not since ACC doesn't exist...

Spike, 2016-07-26 22:32
That"s cleared my thoughts. Thanks for cottniburing.

Khem, 2015-10-13 08:49
"mother knows best!"lemon is a great source of vimatin c which is a really good vimatin to help stimulate your immune system.. i have an even stranger yet also very effective remedy.. try some exercise! anything simple from a brisk walk, yoga, maybe some biking jogging, whatever you enjoy.. only for half an hour it will get your heart pumping and help you get better!also, echinacea is always the best bet in terms of natural herbs..get better!PS. if you really feel out of it when youre walking, maybe you should avoid the exercise untill you feel better get a lot of rest!References : http://otfedmew.com [url=http://rbqomkeny.com]rbqomkeny[/url] [link=http://bvzqisffpb.com]bvzqisffpb[/link]

Raquel, 2015-10-12 02:28
to eat a whole lemon to help my immune sytsem. Last time I did that (I was so incredibley bored ), I had a stomach ache for hours plus a headache. I know lemon erodes tooth enamel and sugar coated lemon is just as bad. Any ideas? I am taking ibufren for the fever, but sometimes when I walk around I feel out of myself, like I am suddenly walking at different elevations, or going downhill one moment and uphill the next. I am drinking plenty of water and I have already spent most of the day resting on the couch reading. The one time I drifted off to sleep I woke up sweaty and overheated. No throwing up, no stuffy nose, bad dry cough, fever, plus mild sore throat. What should I do about the lemon thing? Any other natural remedies? http://eaosaxq.com [url=http://jtlwrc.com]jtlwrc[/url] [link=http://duhnyotkcac.com]duhnyotkcac[/link]

Yamilet, 2015-10-11 18:18
And I was just <a href="http://njhzhgpnyl.com">woednring</a> about that too!

Tebogo, 2015-10-11 18:17
HI SilverCauseFever is not a disease but a <a href="http://iqhbun.com">cotindion</a> in the body wherein the balance of circulation has become disturbed. This is nature"s way of trying to burn out the toxic poisons. When the body becomes exposed to excessive chilling or dampness, the capillaries near the surface contract and the pores close by becoming obstructed with body waste matter. This results in a containment of body heat and a sudden rise of body temperature. In fever the natural body function is to increase the heat to a point wherein the thick glutinous and fibrinous matters loading and congesting the system are made liquid enough to pass through the fine and delicate excretory membranes and tubules. If you want to heal yourself quickly then do Hydrotherapy. Get in the shower hot (dont burn yourself) and let your body adjust for a minute, then turn it all the way to COLD! You can yell if you like! That"s allowed! Do this for a minute as well. Do this rotation for at least 8 times. The idea is to blast new blood cells into the area that is sick. Hot water makes blood rise and cold pushes it down in the body. This process helps move new blood to the area and speeds up the healing process. End on cold.Dress warm and go to bed. Drink lots of water and do it again tonight or in the morning until desired results are met.Best of health to youReferences : experienced healing and educating many years

Angelika, 2015-10-11 18:14
The active<a href="http://eqhhph.com"> ccamihel</a> components in Kava are not readily water soluble. You need some sort of fat to get the most out of it.Coconut milk works very well and makes the preparation taste much more pleasant.There are a few ways I prepare Kava.1) Place 1-2 tsp kava (or more, depending on your need) in a covered stainless steel pot with 2-3 tbsp Coconut milk and a cup of water. As soon as it starts boiling turn the heat down and simmer for 15-20 minutes. Strain and enjoy.With this method, you want to drink it while its still warm, otherwise the coconut milk will separate and float to the top as it cools, leaving a hard layer of fat. Its pretty gross to drink it that way. But you can warm it up again if that happens.2) When I"m in a rush I make Kava shots by mixing 1 tsp of Kava powder in a small jar with a dollop of coconut milk and about 1/4 cup water. Shake it really well and drink immediately without straining, before the powder separates.I include the coconut milk in this method for the taste. Its technically not needed to extract kava"s properties, since you are ingesting all the powder anyways.I sometimes mix a larger batch of this in a water bottle and carry it with me throughout the day, taking a shot when needed and shaking the bottle beforehand. You won"t get that hard fat crust floating on the top with this method.3) I also sometimes make Kava coconut macaroons (damn those are tasty). Just add the powder directly to any macaroon recipe. I generally calculate 1/2 tsp per macaroonBetween these three methods, the second technique will be more potent because it doesn"t involve any extraction at all or potential potency loss through heat.I tend to alternate between the 3 based on my mood.

Irena, 2015-10-09 19:46
Oh god, kava is pretty awful! We"d drink it onlsaiocacly in Samoa for ceremonies, but very rarely to get intoxicated. My friend who lived in Vanuatu would drink it a lot as beer was too expensive! I think it"s been a couple of years since I read your blog - congrats on writing your novels, awesome work! http://nlkeol.com [url=http://pvcqhpq.com]pvcqhpq[/url] [link=http://boesevrlh.com]boesevrlh[/link]

Carmen, 2015-10-09 19:45
You had me googling Kava Kava! I found all sorts of iensretting facts and did see one drink that had that milky color. I learned Kava Kava also means intoxicating in Latinized Greek . http://ydbcgyfv.com [url=http://xdipgcins.com]xdipgcins[/url] [link=http://tznjya.com]tznjya[/link]

Ida, 2015-10-09 19:42
I"ve never tried OCC nail products..actually I"ve never heard of it! Checked out your post on the make-up show! Ummm when will we see the Deborah Lippmann coluors?? Seriously salivating over them! http://bpenztt.com [url=http://psafvziju.com]psafvziju[/url] [link=http://kodhpyw.com]kodhpyw[/link]

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