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Elida, 2016-07-28 01:21
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Fidelia, 2016-07-28 01:21
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Keli, 2016-07-27 18:25
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Patience, 2016-07-27 18:25
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Karess, 2016-07-27 01:00
Con todo respeto, tenga ud buen corazon con este pobre hombre que asesino a sus padres a sangre fria...tenga ud buen corazon, hagase amigo de el, llevelo a casa en navidad, presentele a sus amigos, padres, hijos.... organice una gran cena y quedense a dormir todos en casa, el y su novia incluida por suut.spo.e... es ud un hombre de gran corazon????

Winter, 2016-07-27 00:53
Everyday I check to see who was born on the day&#39;s date, what happened. I seek out a relevant quotation &amp; post it on my Facebook page. I think on a day like this that soul came onto the world&#39;s stage - and what was going on in that world, at that time/space inctoseteirn. Really, Myra, bless you for commenting on my post today. I elaborated on this idea a bit in my little book Grab Hold of the Past. It&#39;s available on Nook &amp; Kindle and I&#39;ve printed copies. If you&#39;re interested, honored I would be if you checked it out!

Verle, 2016-07-26 18:35
The new interface is way too bloated and inconsistent; the &#ao&F3v9rite;#39; button, for one, looks like a tab. The options under the &#39;Share&#39; button are not all that necessary for the space they take. Some elements are misaligned for me on Safari. Also, you repeat information (the number of video responses and text comments) twice .

William, 2015-10-12 02:27
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Jessica, 2015-10-11 18:14
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