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Kaip numesti svorio ir išlikti lieknai?

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Valeri, 2012-06-16 00:16
consciously listen to your own bhertaing, if it helps to start with intentionally breath louder than usual, inhale deep through your nose, and blow out of your mouth not fast just hard.and the really difficult bit, look at the blackness on the inside of your eye lid, sounds odd, and is extremely difficult especially if you have a vivid imagination like me but with practice it works, don"t let any images enter your head,totally clear everything from your mind, when you are thinking about nothing, no mental images or thoughts, and the only thing you can hear is your bhertaing your pretty much there, do that for a while if you can maintain it you enter what i can only describe as a at peace statethis is how i meditate and i have kind of developed this method myself (it may have been done before) im sure there will be other methods out therehope this helpexperience

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