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Naudinga medžiaga

Dienos norma



Skatina efektyvią energijos apykaitą organizme.

1,2 mg

55 g peraugusių kviečių;

60 g saulėgrąžų sėklų;

145 g žirnių.

B5/panteono rūgštis/

Normalizuoja nervų sistemą, inkstų ir kepenų funkciją. Skatina riebalų kiekio mažinimą organizme.

6 mg

170 g saulėgrąžų sėklų;

230 g keptų žemės riešutų;

300 g juodos duonos


Skatina baltymų, sieros aminorūgšties apykaitą.

1,7 mg

175 g sojos pupų;

180 g graikiškų riešutų;

250 g ryžių duonelės

B9/folio rūgštis/

Dalyvauja medžiagų apykaitoje ir kraujo gamyboje.

300 mkg

25 g alaus mielių;

60 g peraugusių kviečių;

260 g cikorijos;

300 g pankolio.


Būtinas kraujo gamybai!!! Be pieno produktų vitamino lygį palaikyti beveik neįmanoma!

3 mg

95 g „Camembert“ sūrio;

140 g sūrio edamas;

150 g parmezano.


Dalyvauja „ląstelių“ kvėpavimo procese, aprūpina jas energija, įtakoja veido spalvą.

17 mg

100 g keptų žemės riešutų;

110 g kavos pupelių;

300 g saulėgrąžų sėklų


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2015-05-25 08:33
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2015-05-23 07:36
C"est tres magnifique - votre ougavre. La France ancienne? peut etre moderne. J"admire ce joli tableau et tous vos realisation.?????, ??????? ?????? ????????? ??, ?? ????? ???????:) [url=]ikoxrtqsk[/url] [link=]ilwqsj[/link]
2015-05-22 20:50
I grew up in the Mississippi Delta, moving there from Tennessee when I was six until I <a href="">greataudd</a> from Benoit High School in 1952 at eighteen. Today, I happen to stumble on your Burrus House website while googling Benoit to see what remains of the little town.I cannot add to the lore of the historic old home beyond commenting on my one visit to the house sometime between 1950 and 1952. While riding about the Benoit area one afternoon with some of my highschool classmates, someone suggested visiting the old house. I had not visited before and recall that my curiosity was piqued by comments from one or more in the group about the old place being haunted.On seeing the old place, I remember feeling dissapointed and some hurt at the destruction. I am unsure but believe that the staircase was already down or severely damaged. I think all the columns were still up. The place was so stark, not a tree in the yard. It did look haunted. Ha. I am so pleased to learn that a good bit of the much need restoration has been completed. Tom Tommy Broome
2015-05-20 17:39
Mr. Eustace Winn gave me a tour of the Baby Doll House in July 2012. It is an awesome place once again thakns to him. I grew up in Benoit in the late 1060 s, and the house was always a mysterious and interesting place. All of us kids at times rode our bikes out to the house. I have seen the house in it"s worse condition and really never thought it would look as good as it does now. My sister was a stand in for Carol Baker as the movie was being made. She was only 16 or 17 years old. The movie producers went out to the Benoit high school and recruited her because she resembled Baker"s size and profile. The old cotton gin in town was also a part of the movie. A replica of the gin was built and burned down for the movie. Thanks Eustace for giving me the tour and for putting so much sweat and work into the restoration project. You are keeping something alive that a lot of people love and grew up with. I hope you are successful in whatever you have planned for the house in the future.Andy Sellars, Spanish Fort, Alabama.
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