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It is possible to review or get a glimpse of someone relation with their spouse during their lifetime by taking a look at the birth chart.

An experience Chinese astrologer can tell by accessing your spouse pillar in ba Zi or the spouse palace in Zi Wei Dou Shu. (Ba Zi and Zi Wei Dou Shu are popular systems of Chinese astrology).

It is fine if the chart shows a compatible Wholesale Jerseys From China , close and satisfying relation, but what if it shows a less than favorable spousal relationship? Are you doomed and condemn to a lifetime of spousal misery? The answer is no, at least not according to the ancient Chinese. Help is on the way.

Here is some practical advice from the ancient Chinese to improve your spousal relationship.

Marry or establish a relationship at the right time. Timing is important. If the chart indicate a probable divorce if you marry before the age of 28, then you should marry later to avoid this pre-destiny from manifesting.

Ensure there is a significant age difference. To the ancient Chinese Wholesale Jerseys China , a poor pre-destined spousal relationship can be improved if we deviate from the norm. It is a norm for the man to be a few years older than the wife. Therefore to alter the spousal luck, a man should marry an older woman (at least a day older preferably much more) or a much younger wife (by at least 7 years preferably more).

Make sure that there is a significant difference in status. This is another variation of not following the norm. Ensure that there is a significant difference in status. For example if the man is highly educated, the wife should have a lowly education or if the wife is wealthy, the man should be poor!

Be the Second One. Unfavorable relationship luck implies that you will not be successful as the first wife or the legally recognized one. The ancient Chinese believe that you can have more success if you take up the role of the 2nd wife Wholesale Custom Jerseys , mistress or one that is not legally recognized. But what can a man with poor spousal luck do? He can marry a widow or a divorcee!

Marry someone from a different culture. This is yet another variation of not following the norm. For example if you are Chinese, you can marry an Indian, Malay or a Caucasian person. To ensure a greater chance of success, he or she should not be from the same area. The further he or she is the better.

Reduce Proximity. A poor spousal relationship can be improve by spending less time together. For example the husband should work in another city or country and come back once in a while to visit. The ration is that since they spend relatively less time together Wholesale Jerseys , the chance of issues arising is dramatically reduced! Also absence should make the heart grown fonder.

There you have it. You see, all is not lost even if your spousal luck is poor!
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Henry Fong
Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology.
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