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Fallout 76 users ask that a bug be restored by Bethesda

Fallout 76 Caps The Fallout 76 issue has become a case worthy of the Fourth Millennium. The multiplayer game of Bethesda has a lot of bugs and problems that have brought the players head-on in addition to the disastrous performance the controversy of the backpack of the Power Armor Edition the recent publication of personal data of the people who claimed the backpack that corresponded to them from the previous case ... All this has affected so much the video game that has seen its price reduced by half in less than a month a move that has also annoyed many fans. In spite of all this the developers work to solve bugs although they have fixed one that the fans did not want.

"Feed the People no longer feeds the people (feed people no longer feeds people)". Fallout 76 users are looking for a bug in a special event to return to continue encouraging cooperation between the community.

A can of stew! It's not a big deal but it's a funny detail and it does not negatively affect the gameplay. Apparently Bethesda does not give foot with ball with Fallout 76. After all the failures of the company Can you imagine being the developer who has corrected the bug? When bad because bad. When good because good. Bethesda has not ruled on the matter although we will be pending and will update if there is an answer.

What did the cans give? In addition to being food for the dying personages also buy FO76 Caps they offered a greater percentage of health and a bonus of experience. The users of Fallout 76 consider that Feed the people is an event that deserves to continue as it was and at the same time that it is the beginning of more special missions that can encourage more cooperativism in a game that needs to be very close to their community.

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