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Improvingcustomer service in large stock registrar cmpany Business Articles | January 31 Black Dan Fouts Jersey , 2005
... ... was always working under a crisis mode, with the managers feeling ... and "under the gun". There was discord and ... among the manager team, which ... in the

The organization was always working under a crisis mode, with the managers feeling pressured and "under the gun".
There was discord and resentment among the manager team Black Easton Stick Jersey , which reflected in the employees.
Re-work and bureaucracy were eminent.
Two of the managers were at odds with each other, which was evident to the employees, and created additional discord.
The Customer Service group showed a lack of concern for the customers, assuming that it was "OK" to wait in line Black Drue Tranquill Jersey , be referred to another line, come back another day for certain transactions, etc.
Customer were complaining for lack of service and long waiting lines.
Management Resources Inc. (MRI) :
Facilitated a customer needs analysis and company needs analysis sessions.
Conducted focus groups with customers and employees
Worked with the managers in developing strategic plans and objectives
Established work priorities and set specific goals that were deployed throughout the organization
Initiated a program to aid in replacing undesirable attitudes with positive ones
Conducted a Team Building workshop for managers
Conducted a Customer Service session for the Customer Service group
Results became very visible:
Sensitivity to the customer increased throughout the organization, not only at the management level but particularly in customer representatives.
The management team became more cohesive and learned to respect each other?s opinions and reach consensus on departmental issues.
The managers in conflict learned to work with each other Black Nasir Adderley Jersey , which resulted in improved cooperation and better service to the customer.
Their two departments became more productive and morale improved.
The attitudes of all involved showed considerable improvement.
Many customers expressed satisfaction to the new corteous and speedy manner they were treated.
Managers became more confident and allowed room for initiative from their employees.
This resulted in process improvements and increased customer satisfaction due to reduced bureaucracy.
The "empowered" employees were more satisfied and productive. Look for sponsors and solution owners rather than problem owners.

Everyone participating in the situation owns the problem, like it or not-and nobody likes it. However, if one person is designated as the problem owner, that gives everyone else involved implicit permission to step away and essentially pretend that they don't have an ownership role in the problem. In other words Black Jerry Tillery Jersey , appointing a problem owner gets in the way of solving a problem.

A much better term for what is usually expected of the "problem owner" is "sponsor." A sponsor is the person who champions the problem-solving project by assuring awareness of the importance of the project, allocating resources, removing obstacles, etc. The words are important. Having a sponsor gets support for the problem-solving project without removing (or appearing to remove) responsibility for solving it.

Another difficulty with the term "problem owner" is that it has a blame connotation. A typical corollary to discussing who owns the problem is discussing whose fault it is. This is totally counterproductive to solving the problem. People get angry Black LaDainian Tomlinson Jersey , and these discussions often deteriorate into finger-pointing rather than focusing on the root causes of the problem and what can be done to address them. "Solution owners" are people who are in a position to do something constructive about eliminating root causes of the problem. Helping with a solution is much more fun than being blamed for a problem, so you're more likely to get the response you need.

The terms you use are important. Avoid the not-my-problem trap by getting sponsors. Avoid the finger-pointing trap by finding solution owners.

Copyright 2005. Jeanne Sawyer. All Rights Reserved.

Jeanne Sawyer is an author, consultant, trainer and coach who helps her clients solve expensive Black Alohi Gilman Jersey , chronic problems, such as those that cause operational disruptions and cause customers to take their business elsewhere. These tips are excerpted from her book, When Stuff Happens: A Practical Guide to Solving Problems Permanently. Find out about it, and get more free information on problem-solving at her web site:

Jeep Top - A Decision Between The Soft And The Hard Top Autos Articles | December 15 Black Kenneth Murray Jersey , 2011
When it comes to the Jeep top, there are so many alternatives. These are the Jeep parts that a great many have to go through and tread cautiously on.?

There are so many options when it comes to having your Jeep top. The top is one fo the Jeep parts that one carefully considers when obtaining one. There are things to consider, and here are some simple tips to make the job easier for that driver.

First, think of what the Jeep top is for. If the purpose is for the best in weather defense Black Joe Reed Jersey , think about what kind of weather is the most crucial factor. If you are in an area where it rains more often than not, where the snow can be rough on even the toughest tops, then a hardtop would be the best thing to decide on. These are the strongest tops created from heavy-duty and weather resistant materials that can help protect the driver from the force of nature.

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