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If I start to writing about my Maa I think it will not end Nikola Jokic Jersey , this is not a biography of my Maa but a true story what I know about struggle of her entire life even the day I  writing here at home, she is busy doing social services out of house.

i love u maa

Me with Mom


Mamataj Begam is her name, though the name is after marriage. The pre-wedding name was Mamataj khatun although everyone likes to call her by using her nick name like Golu and hasna, even still each relatives from my mother  side use to call my Maa as Golu Gary Harris Jersey , I lough to hear golu so I asked one day to my Maa that what is the reason behind calling Golu? So my Maa replied that when she was kid was looks very healthy.

i love you mom

Mamataj Begam


She was born in a poor family, poor means was a worst situation like if they did t earn a day nobody was there to feed them. When my Maa was kid her father means my grand father got his 2nd marriage might be greed of dowry. The situation becomes more worst, maintaing two family expenses was not possible for him. My grandmaa and Mom shifted to their mothership. My Grandmaa use to make handmade carpet by using the leafs of date trees to maintain the family expenses and my Maa helps her too to make those carpet. Obviously she was a bright student and somehow she was able to complete her 8th standard successfully overcoming from the bad circumstances.


That time the government of westbengal suddenly starts a scheme called Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) for the poor child and for the pregnant women, so they needed qualified women for that particular post. Uncle of my Maa named is Janealam was deeply involved with the politics. He helped a lot to my Maa to grab that opportunity Paul Millsap Jersey , Finally my Maa joined with the salary of Rs.100- per month wise as it was a social service so the salary was very low, although there was a great value of Rs. 100 on that day. My Maa still involved in that service proudly more than 25 years.


I don  know how my parents met, but I know that was a love marriage. My father was so handsome cause I have seen his photo of younger age. He was un employed during his marriage may be the reason my Maa fell in love with him. But my Maa was agree to marry in one condition, the condition was my grandmother Jamal Murray Jersey , yes my grandmother is deaf and there was no ones to take care of her and my Maa was the only one child of my grandmother, so Maa always wanted to keep her Mom with her. You know the line ??everything is fair in love and war??.. yes my dear lovable father accepted my grandmother and she still living with us happily.

I think that decession to bring my grandmother was tremendous, really admirable??ove you Maa

Maa, now she is in her in-laws house Cheap Nuggets Hats , was difficult to maintaint daily duty from long distance so she change the job location to her in-laws village named Kankora yes this my village where I grown up.

love marriage

My parents


This is not the end, Maa started to face more obstacle over here cause we are muslim, the people around us is muslim and being a muslim women not only muslim women she was the bride of this village so she can  go out of her house for the professional purpose according to muslim practice, though my Maa was successful to win from her adversity in social as well as her professional life. Till the date she is faithful to her relegion and earning prayers five times a day.

biography of my Maa but a true story

Mom with my sister


Some days passed this way Cheap Nuggets T-Shirts , this time obstacles are not the new, yes it is poorness. I think we only face this for my father, he never add his income to his family. He is a communist. His deep involvement in politics called out hunger in my family. If we siblings are alive today only for my maa. Political science was one of my subject in 12th standard. That time I learned that everyone does politics only for self meetigation, but that information proves me wrong Customized Nuggets Jerseys , my father never earned money by doing politics, he always loved to join social services, wanted to give some message by acting, singing and by writing some poem. I saw many of his drama Nuggets Big Tall Jerseys , he is a very good actor, so what if he is not popular, I  proud of my dad. My Maa never regret to him that is why they are still a happy couple and best parents.


Younger daughter of my mom died in malaria when she was in just fourth standard. She was my best friend cause there was a little gap of our age. Can you just imagine the pain when a mother lost her little baby? She still cry remembering her.

Now we all are settled because of my Maa, she beared all the expenses of education and marriage of us Nuggets City Edition Jerseys , my three elder sisters are graduated successfully and they are now happily married. Wholesale Jerseys Online   Cheap Jerseys China Online   Cheap Jerseys Online   Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping   Cheap NCAA College Jerseys   Cheap Hockey Jerseys   Cheap NFL Football Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys China   Wholesale Hockey Jerseys   Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys



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