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Performance advantages of Kaolin Raymond mill

1. Under the condition that the speed of the central axis of the traditional Raymond Ultrafine Mill  is kept the same, the Kaolin Raymond mill has added a grinding roller device to increase the number of times the material is crushed, which is conducive to forming a reasonable material layer.

2. By increasing the grinding roller and the grinding ring, the effective grinding area is increased by 25%, and the residence time of the material is increased, which is conducive to the formation of lamination and crushing.

3. Redesigned the blade device, so that the materials to be ground are always gathered in the grinding and crushing area for effective processing, and the air path is unblocked, avoiding excessive crushing of the materials, thereby improving the crushing rate.

4. The fineness of processed kaolin powder is uniform, and the pass rate is 99%.

5. The grinding roller and the grinding ring are not in direct contact during the grinding process, the machine has small vibration and low noise.

6. Equipped with a pulse dust collector, the dust removal efficiency is high, and the dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99%, which basically achieves dust-free operation in the workshop.


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