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So imagine you're a newer guy at a company Cheap Adidas NMD , fresh into management, and you get tapped by the company president to be the presenter at an industry event. It's your first real chance to step out of the average Joe rank and file sales role and be seen as a leader, an innovator Cheap Yeezy Boost 350 , and a person on the way up. It's a Thursday night and after a long day of meetings and breakout sessions the tour bus is buzzing with industry facts and gossip as you're carted from time square to Battery park in New York City. In my case I had been in the industry a little over 3 years and this was my first big public presentation. I had been pitching and meeting quite successfully under the watchful eye of the company owner and had garnered a seemingly bright future. I chatted calmly with a group of executives from my customers, but this night was as much social as anything , many of them had their spouses in tow. We get on a boat destined for the dinner event on Ellis Island a historic location and a historic even was about to happen to my career.

After wandering those historic halls Cheap Adidas Springblade , imagining them filled with the hopes and dreams of the newly arrived immigrants, and taking in the sight of the city off in the distance everyone was seated in The Great Hall for dinner and the presentations. My nerves started to build but I had done my home work. I knew my deck, understood the key talking points for that night as well as anything in life. If anything I had over prepared nothing could stop me and in 45 short minutes I planned to announce my arrival and unleash my own ambitious hopes and dreams on my industry. Like so many dreams it didn't quite happen like I imagined.

The first speaker was introduced and went on. The public address system was at best horrendous. Sound was just bouncing mercilessly thought the hall. Words were completely unintelligible Cheap Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 , still the speak er ahead of me blithered on as the audience who were disinterested in interrupting their dinner conversations looked on in disgust. The presenter before me started yelling into the microphone; now the effect was an angry version of Charlie Brown's teacher echoing and reverberating at an increasing decibel level. I stood there terrified. My company had paid 15,000 dollars for me to give my talk and I was faced to making a decision on how to proceed when my turn came. Which brings us to the real topic at hand- 10 things that will go wrong at a presentation and how to make the most out of a less than ideal situation.

1) Sound equipment fails - the reality is that most presentations don't require a public address system and microphones but believe it or not more do than you realize and leading a break out group at an industry trade show or conference is one of those situations. If you're in a large room make sure you meet the AV guy before you go on. If there is a spare microphone know who as it or where it is at and most importantly how to turn it on. If it's a midsized to small room asked the audience members to move closer, speak up and move off the podium and down toward those listening to you. It lends itself to more interaction anyhow.

2) Your Slides aren't available - what do you mean my slides aren't PC's crash  Cheap Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 , projector bulbs burn out and in some cases people just assume that its not a formal presentation and don't make arrangements. First off always and I mean always have a final version hard copy of your slides it gives you options For Small groups there is the copy machine so everybody gets their own. For large groups it's a reference point.

Get and always have a USB drive with your deck on it. I have a good friend who roams the country and has his slides on two USB's and an external hard drive just in case this solves a lot of issues should your PC crash.

3) Huge Room but few attendees - A big conference room with a handful of people while not ideal isn't as bad as the trade show presentation where you're booked in a room for 250 people and only 20 show up. It might be the time slot and not the topic. Sure you can pull the delusional rock star thing and present like it's a standing room only crowd but rather than doing that what about once again asking the people to move closer, step out from behind the podium. I've gone as far as turning it into a round table type presentation. More of a personalized conversation in tone and delivery. It's a chance to establish yourself as an expert on a personal level.

4) The neigh sayers or hecklers - So the guy in the audience wants to be the star. This happens in a variety of ways; either questions that are intended to shake you, a line of comments and questions that take you off topic and run you down a rat hole Cheap Adidas Ultra Boost 2019 , or they are not so much hiding their personal agenda. Depending on the person in question and type of presentation you can offer to follow up with them individually after the presentation, if it's a sales presentation and their role is significant within the customer then it's a chance to get their objections on the table and meet them head on. If it's a pure heckler in a large group the direct approach often works by acknowledging them and their question, point out if it's off topic or if it is give a brief answer and offer to see them right afterwards and go into as much detail as they'd like .

5) Interruptions - I love interruptions since they come in all shapes and sizes from an admin who came in Cheap Adidas Ultra Boost , to calls from home saying the kids are sick and asking your audience to pick them up school. Fire alarms, tornado sirens, and all kinds of weather phenomena add to the diversity of this one. In this case make the most of the situation  Cheap Adidas Daroga , be understanding, be compassionate, and if the situation isn't tragic a little well placed humor can allow you to use the unique experience in future sales calls and presentations as a way to make a connection on a different level.

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