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Garage Door Openers - The Latest Technology Home Repair Articles | October 26 Black Matt Carpenter Jersey , 2010
Garage door openers are now more than just point and click. Special features like rolling codes make them sophisticated, flexible and high tech. This article is a look at what new technology is out there.

Garage door openers have come a long way since their first appearance on the scene. These days there are a number of high tech features that come standard with remote systems. These features give you more options and more security for your money.

The Rolling Code

Most now use a "rolling code." This means that the remote control and the receiver both contain a computer chip. Like an ordinary system, the remote sends a signal telling the receiver to open the door. The difference with a rolling code is that the two components change the code each time.

When your remote sends the signal to open up, it also sends a new code that will be used next time. The receiver remembers it and, the next time you hit the button Black Yadier Molina Jersey , they use this new code. Meanwhile, the remote sends the NEXT code, and so on. The obvious advantages of a rolling code is that it's changing continually, making it much tougher for someone from outside to crack it.

Rolling codes have been around for quite a while, but only recently have they become a standard feature. New improvements are constantly being made to make them more safe and secure.

Vacation Options

Garage door openers usually come with another great security feature. When you go on vacation or spend some time away from the house Harrison Bader Jersey , you can turn off the entire system and program it to restart when you're back. While it's on this setting, even if somebody breaks the code, the receiver will not respond. This keeps a thief from breaking in while you're away.

Multiple Door Systems

If you have a bigger house with lots of doors, you can buy systems that have multiple codes for multiple doors. This allows you to open whichever one you need without having to buy more garage door openers or systems. The distance from which you can use the remote has also been increasing, making this multiple doors system much more efficient. These typically come with rolling codes that keep all of your different garages from being tampered with.

Biometric Data

Keyless entry pads have been around for a long time. These are pads mounted on the door that you type your code into. The term "keyless" is used because you no longer need a physical key to open them up; you simply need to remember the code number. As these gadgets push forward into the future Paul Goldschmidt Jersey , new keypad entry systems have been developed that don't even use a code. The use "biometric" data, like a fingerprint or eye scan. It may seem futuristic, but it's a common feature today of opening systems.

Garage door openers are constantly improving. New technology makes them much easier, safer and flexible. There are lots of options available, so head to your local dealer and try some on. You can also shop for the latest features online. This is a great way to do some price comparison shopping without even leaving the comforts of home. Article Tags: Garage Door Openers Dexter Fowler Jersey , Garage Door, Door Openers, Rolling Code, Remote Sends

The best maid of honour speeches have a few things to common: a personalized feel, eloquence Andrew Miller Jersey , brevity, and sincerity. These are what you have to take into consideration when you’ve been chosen as maid of honour. This article aims to tackle these things one by one so you can better understand what you need to do in order to come up with a speech that’ll knock everyone off their feet at the reception.
All the best speeches start with a good introduction. Keep it concise by simply introducing who you are, your relationship to the bride, and how long you’ve known the happy couple.
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