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The advantages of Mechanical Sealing of Pebble Cone Crusher

The Construction Waste Crusher  exists some defects this sort of as lubricating oil leakage, so we undertake mechanical sealing to replace the rubber sealing and it has accomplished very good using outcome. This information is especially meant to introduce the benefits of mechanical sealing of pebble cone crusher.

    Reliable sealing:

    1. On the seal surface of pebble crusher, a particular elastic pre-tightening drive is attached to friction, which makes the seal floor beneath specified stress and often keeps the friction area in the seal having a fantastic get hold of. It may avert the seal from deviating from its position due to the vibration of pebble cone crusher through the operation and proficiently avoids lubricating oil leakage.

    2. The sealing surfaces of pebble cone crusher in three proportions only get hold of in a single course, fixing the disadvantage of leakage caused by seal deformation. When the physique rotating all around nthe eccentric sleeve, in the event the bearing clearance is just too massive, it can outcome within the amplitude of swing much too huge, and thus triggers deformation into the sealing component and ends in leakage.

    Less dress in for the sealing component:

    1.The friction auxiliary content of mechanical seal is made by oil powder in metallurgy process. Within this substance there are several little pores and lubricating oil can ooze from them. It's got a particular lubricating result on portion area and can increase the services life of sealing aspect.

    2.The mechanical seal of pebble cone crusher is created by metallic elements, with out deformation resulted by external pressure. The seal component is simply stressed and worn in a single route and has no tension and deformation in other directions, improving upon the dependability of sealing and prolonging the helpful existence of sealing component.



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