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People have a need to feel like they’re being heard. Executive Operations Manager Cheap Omer Toprak Jersey , Ivan Lasater points out some barriers to effective listening.
How Well do we Listen?
Even the best communicators pick up only about 50% of the messages others are trying to send when they speak. After a length of only a few months, the amount of information they actually retain is reduced to about 25% of the content. People have a need to be heard and to feel like the messages they are sending are being understood. Those messages could include important questions that need to be answered Cheap Nuri Sahin Jersey , or there could be messages imbedded in the context that a person needs you to understand and aren’t communicated in a straight forward manner. People often times do this when they are seeking validation or affirmation. So why do people miss such a huge portion of the messages we send through communication?
Reasons for missing content
There are several reasons why we miss out on a good portion of what others are trying to communicate. Imagine the distractions you may experience in an office environment. It can be hard to absorb all the information you may need with the hustle and bustle of the workplace going on all around you. These distractions can cause you to filter a good amount of the information coming your way.
•Selective Listening. When you filter information by choosing what you want to hear and discarding the rest. This can be necessary when there is a great amount of information to process. Selective listening can also be a barrier to effective listening because there may be pertinent information the listener may miss.
•Lack of Focus. A distracted mind has a tendency to wander. A listener with a distracted mind can tend to miss out on a good amount of the information they being given. Day dreaming or allowing the mind to wander over everyday issues while listening detracts from the listener’s ability to focus.
•Comprehension. If a listener isn’t able to understand the information being given them because they may lack the education or technical understanding of the subject, it can cause the listener to shut down and stop listening. The listener may be too embarrassed to communicate this so often times the message is never received.
•Cultural Cheap Neven Subotic Jersey , Sexual, or Racial Bias. Sometimes a listener can put up barriers to effective communication because the person trying to send the message may be of a different race Cheap Mikel Merino Jersey , sex, socio-economic class Cheap Maximilian Philipp Jersey , or culture. Some people tend to stop listening if they believe they are above or better than the person sending the message.
•Emotional Cues. Certain words and expressions tend to evoke a negative emotional response from people which can cause them to stop absorbing pertinent information. Bringing up the subject of a painful loss, sensitive topics like politics or religion Cheap Matthias Ginter Jersey , and even foul language can all be barriers to effective listening.


Having an understanding of how we put up barriers to effective communication can help us to recognize when we’re doing it. Identifying the reasons why helps to raise the awareness that might help us to avoid poor listening habits. People miss out on a lot of the information they’re being given for multiple reasons. Whether its selective listening or cultural bias, people who don’t form good listening habits will ultimately have a problem communicating in productive and healthy ways.
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