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What is the difference between an automatic mechanical watch and a man

Watch a lot of people have to have, and stable and generous mechanical Watches ODM so that people have more, and how to distinguish between mechanical watch has become a concern. General mechanical watch according to the power mechanism, can be divided into automatic mechanical watch and manual mechanical watch.General mechanical watch movement has about 100 parts, and the entire combination of components has more than 1400.

The internal power of the mechanical watch is mainly provided by a curled Spring Spring, and the spring will continue to provide power for the watch clock to operate during the change process.How to distinguish automatic mechanical watch from manual mechanical Sporty Watch?Old-fashioned mechanical watch mostly manual mechanical watch, need to be constantly on the clockwork.Mainly due to the movement inside the spring after the release of the need to tighten the spring again, will go to the crown of the watch, when the mainspring will hear the sound of La La.

Automatic mechanical watch it is not manually winding, power automatic winding movement is to rely on the movement of the weight of the drive to produce, when wearing the watch arm swing will drive the rotation of the watch, while driving the watch Clockwork Watch chain.The main distinction between the two is that the automatic mechanical watch will not forget the Clockwork Leather Watch Time is not allowed to slow down.Manual mechanical watch you need for a period of time on a clockwork, not very convenient.



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