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Parajumpers Long Bear Dame When I see someone getting HERRE Parajumper

Parajumpers Long Bear Dame When I see someone getting HERRE Parajumpers Jakker a promotion, I'm just going to cry out because I've already retired. When I see a model worker, I'm not going to fight because I've left that stage. From then on, jealousy far away from me, the use of ancient songs rhyme 'hit soil song': I live by nature, only social fairness, fame and fortune to me Ho!
Parajumpers Dame Jakke Natural people are happy without private resentment and real freedom. It Parajumpers Jakker Norge is often said that senior officials are not as good as salaries and high salaries are better than longevity. Longevity is not as good as happiness. In fact, longevity and happiness are inextricably linked. Happy people can longevity, and a person who feels sadness and sorrows day and night, it is very difficult to longevity. Someone earlier said: seventy-eight, eighty, not deaf, do not look at flowers. I think these longevity people should be people with a 77-year-old realm. They will Dame Parajumpers Jakker be able to escape from the earth and enjoy themselves. Without knowing the arrival of the old, they will naturally live longer and will not only surpass St. More than a hundred years old is unknown.
By the way, the 77-year-old realm I'm talking about here speaks only of individuals and individuals who are Dame Parajumpers Jakker not related to the nation. Parajumpers Jakker For the family feelings that concern the core values Parajumpers Long Bear



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