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What will I do? If I were God

What will I do? If I were God Newport Cigarettes Price, hey! My hand gently waved and nature was covered with lovely white clouds on the blue sky. There was green everywhere and a vibrant scene Wholesale Cigarettes. Nature, a mysterious palace, a unique mystery and charm, it is as ridiculous as a mythological story, but when you really walk into its pure state of mind, you will find it in its mystery Behind each note, every sound, every song contains a magnificent, grandiose beauty. Bring people a beautiful living environment. I were God, I would become a cartoon star to laugh at every child, bring a piece of laughter to those troubled children, bring them happiness and happiness. Hey, those children shouting to the sky will have good scenery in a good mood Online Cigarettes, good vision will make a good discovery Parliament Cigarettes, and good thinking will have good ideas Newport Cigarettes Website. Childhood is like a bunch of waves in the river. It has a level of calm, with a slight ripples, and waves. Childhood also seems like boiled water, sweet and bitter. In every one's childhood, it was full of happiness and sorrow...who said that the child was carefree. I were God, I would become a doctor. A doctor is a noble profession. It is the duty of the doctor to save and cure. Doctors save people to clinics, surgery, and people??s lives. Therefore, they are always so focused and do not dare to carelessness. They know that a small mistake can cause a disaster. Whenever a doctor is known to cure a dying patient, there may be a lot of people who are admired and admired in their hearts and can't help but secretly decide: When I grow up, I also want to be a doctor. So I want to become a doctor to save my life.



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