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When the documentary "

When the documentary "China at the tip of the tongue" became popular, I was buried between Shushan and the sea. When I heard about it, I read the entire documentary with emotion. When those simple, coveted foods appeared in front of my eyes, they not only evoked the reaction of my taste buds, but also reminded me of the childhood smell of familiar childhood that I grew up in.remember when I was a child, my family was very poor Carton Of Newports, and I didn't have extra spare cash to satisfy my expectation of a little child. I gazed at other people and put small snacks of various colors into my mouth. I was drooling and licked my grandmother and gave me food. Grandma touched my head and smiled. When she entered the kitchen, I knew that she would give me lard bibimbap. The grandmother put a spoonful of white rice into a bowl, put a lard of white flowers, sprinkled with sugar, and evenly mixed with chopsticks. I am glad to take lard bibimbap from my grandmother and sit on the threshold Marlboro Cigarettes. I look at the white clouds and birds in the sky. I ate it with a small mouth and ate Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and I could not satisfy my heart. It seems that there is no better taste in the world than it is Cheap Cigarettes. Food too.ter school, we have to bring schoolbags to school every day and bring a lunch box Cigarettes Cheaper. The most dishes I brought were white tofu and taro. Every day breaks, when the entire small village is still in silence, her grandmother wakes up. She awakened me and my sister and tied her large apron to help us cook. The fresh tofu was divided into uniform cubes, sprinkled with chili noodles, seasoned with salt and soy sauce, steamed in a steamer, and dried in a homemade steamed bun. We have finished washing, and the rice is ready. As soon as the lid is opened, a stream of steam rushes in, and through the white fog, you



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