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You’re finally going to do it! No I don’t mean tie the knot Matt Calvert Blue Jackets Jersey , I mean your finally
ready to buy that new furniture you’ve been dreaming about. We adorn our
bodies with fashion which makes a statement about who we are. Your furniture
does exactly the same thing for your house. It’s your fashion statement for your

Here’s some helpful tips on getting the most value for your money, and choosing
furniture that will work with your home and your lifestyle. You’re friends will be
green with envy when they see your new look.

First you need to know the size of the rooms you are going to be furnishing, right
down to windows, and walls that might not work well. You can either purchase a
piece of software that will help you design a cozy room or grab a pencil and
paper and start sketching. If you have any original pieces you are keeping Joonas Korpisalo Blue Jackets Jersey , then
make sure to work them into your room plan.

Once you’ve decided what would look good where, and how large of furniture
you can purchase, you need to set your budget. Decide how much money you
are willing to part with and stick to it.

Once you know how much your going to spend you’ll be able to decide on the
type of furniture. Determine the type of use the furniture will get. Are you buying
furniture for a family room or a living room? If your buying for a family room
you’re going to want to look at furniture that’s built to hold up with high use. If
your buying furniture for your living room, and it’s more of a show room then you
might look at fancier Jack Johnson Blue Jackets Jersey , less functional furniture.

When deciding on the type of furniture also take into consideration your lifestyle.
Do you have pets that are going to claw or chew? Do you have small children?
Is your home air conditioned? Leather is a great example of a piece of furniture
that looks good, but can be downright uncomfortable in the hot weather, unless
you have air.

Once you’ve narrowed down what you’re in the market for, make a list itemizing
each piece you’re looking for. Include sizes that will work David Savard Blue Jackets Jersey , color preferences, all
the fine details. You’d be surprised at what you’ll forget once you walk into the
furniture store. It’s easy to get distracted because of all the choices. But with list
in hand you’ll be prepared.

Make choices that will last you for years. Don’t choose trendy furniture that you’ll
be tired of in six months. Furniture is a big investment, so keep your tastes in
check and choose furniture that will look and feel good for years to come. You
can add some trendy small ticket items such as vases or wall décor. Keep your
furniture colors easy to work with. That way you will be able to do a room face lift
just by changing out small ticket items, like pillows David Clarkson Blue Jackets Jersey , ornaments, and wall art.

Once you’ve found that perfect piece of furniture, get physical with it. Check the
construction of it, watch for low quality assembly. If you buying a couch or bed Dalton Prout Blue Jackets Jersey ,
sit on it, move around on it, see if it fits your body well. Check to see if you can
feel springs, if the buttons are attached well Curtis McElhinney Blue Jackets Jersey , if the seams are finished properly.
Don’t take any piece of furniture at face value, get underneath and check the
entire construction of it.

Once you’ve made your choices, all that’s left to do is pay and wait for delivery.
If you have old furniture in the room, it’s easier to dispose of this before the new
furniture arrives. Prep the room Cam Atkinson Blue Jackets Jersey , so that when the delivery guys arrive they can
place the furniture where it belongs.

Stress free furniture shopping can be accomplished with just a little bit of pre-
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